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We are very lucky in Stockton-On-Tees to have such a wide variety of top quality sporting facilities.....

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Posted on 24th October 2016

We are very lucky in Stockton-On-Tees to have such a wide variety of top quality sporting facilities. As well as the more traditional sports facilities for football and swimming, there are a whole host of venues and attractions for the less main stream sports; white water rafting, climbing and ice skating.

Of course the Ice Arena at Billingham Forum has been with us since the late sixties.  We’ve welcomed millions of visitors since then but do we just forget it’s there sometimes?  We’re extremely lucky to have such a facility on our doorstep.  Wales, a nation with a population of just over 3 million people has 1 ice rink in the whole country.  In Stockton-On-Tees, with a population just 7% to that of Wales have got their own ice rink.  Quite incredible really and makes you feel very lucky in a way.

Ice Skating is not just for Christmas!  Billingham Forum Ice Arena is open 7 days a week all year round to enjoy, offering various sessions for beginners and experienced skaters.

Sessions such as Family Freeze and Ice Age, aimed at families and younger children, provide a safe environment to develop skill, confidence and coordination, not to mention providing quality time for you to spend together as a family. Pulse, the Friday night disco along with the Avalanche Foam Party and Full Moon UV Party nights give teens a fun evening out with friends, again in a safe environment where parents won’t have to worry.  And for all the birthday boys and girls, it’s truly the coolest place in town for a birthday party.

The Ice Arena is also part of a nationwide scheme called ‘Make Your Move, which aims to attract women into sport, who wouldn’t usually do so.  The Make Your Move session runs every Monday night (excluding Bank Holidays), and has done for over 2 years, helping thousands of women not just take up sport, but stay in it and lead a healthier lifestyle.  It also hosts a weekly SNAPS skate session, a session for disabled users to access with wheelchairs, sleds or skates.

Billingham Forum Ice Arena is home to two of the toughest Ice Hockey teams in the country; the Billingham Stars and Cleveland Comets fight out some fierce battles against other bullish teams from all over the country.

You may or may not know that Ice Skating ticks all the boxes for your health and wellbeing too.  It’s great aerobic exercise that provides you with a good cardio workout.  It helps to build and tone muscle in your legs, and encourages you to improve balance and coordination.  Of course it’s super fun which relieves stress and improves mental wellbeing.

So the next time you’re planning a family day out or thinking about taking up a new hobby remember we’re very lucky to have one of the best ice arenas in the North so make the most of it!


I've not been since I was a kid, couldn't believe the transformation. Will be back soon!

Steve - Darlington
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