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Welcome to Billingham Forum Ice Arena Follow us on Social Media to keep up to date with all the latest news

Tees Active operates alongside Partner For Change to provide a completely accessible and compliant service for all of our customers.

Find out more about Partner For Change here.


Depending on the nature of use and the areas visited, lighting in the centre is a mix of atmospheric, bright and natural light.

However, we have the following lighting that may need to be considered:

    • Ice Arena
      • The Ice Arena has high level halogen lights used for Ice Hockey matches and some public skating sessions.  In addition to this we also have installed disco lighting for our public skating sessions.
      • Periodically we also hold UV parties in the Ice Arena – which complements our disco lighting.
      • Further consideration needs to be given to the lighting effects of the vending and gaming machines in the Ice Arena.

    • Atrium
      • In the Atrium we have vending and gaming machines which have lighting effects on.
      • We also have in the Atrium lights that operate on a day/night sensor – which at certain times of day turn on and off.


Throughout the centre we have circulation/background music for customer comfort.

Fire Alarm Testing

  • Periodically, we have soundings of the Fire Alarm – planned and unplanned.  For planned soundings we make announcements to allow the customer to prepare.

Public Address System

  • Periodically, we have to make announcements on our public address system in the centre – this is preceded by an audible tone to alert customers of the impending announcement.

All toilets and changing areas have hair and hand dryers which create noise – these tend to be just after the point of entry to each area.

Periodically throughout the day staff operate several noise generating cleaning machines throughout the centre.

In all accessible change rooms and nominated remote rooms we have emergency pull cords which sound at the main reception when activated.

In the Ice Arena the ice hockey referees blow their whistles during games and practices – and there is an electronic siren used to start/stop the games.


The floors throughout the centre comprise of slate, tile, lino, carpet and rubber.  Predominant colours are black, grey, cream and dark blue.


All lockers work with trolley tokens and £1.00 coins which are returnable.  New pound coins are compatible with our lockers also.

All lockers have wrist strap wrist bands.

Expected clothing

In the Ice Arena, warm clothing that allows natural movement of body. Gloves are recommend for warmth and spare socks in case your socks get wet when skating.

Expected equipment

Ice Arena

  • Centre has skates for hire if customers require these.
  • Stability penguins and snowmen available for hire in general sessions (subject to availability).

Booking System

There is also no booking system for the Ice Arena. However, there is a timetable with a variety of sessions available every day of the week. The Ice Arena timetable can be viewed on the Ice Arena website.

Good times to come

If you contact the centre we can let you know the best times to come as a family, when it’s busy and when it’s quiet for your preferred activity.

Events are listed on our website and automated phone message in a timely manner – at least 7 days’ notice. Where a closure is less than 7 days we reinforce this via our Facebook & Twitter feeds and internal notices.

Can you create a low sensory time?

Upon request, information on the most suitable sessions/times based on their individual needs can be given to the customer.

Changing areas

Pictures to follow

The centre has individual, group and village style changing and toilet facilities.

There are individual shower/toilet change facilities in all areas (dry, gym, ice, pool and sauna – and on the first and ground floors).  We also have a Carers Change room that allows individuals to change in a comfortable space – this room includes a change hoist and bed.


Pictures to follow


Changing rooms and toilets smell of cleaning products, air fresheners where fitted and personal hygiene products.


Signage to all areas is words (large print) and pictorial.

We also have lockers with braille on.

First time for my daughter and she loved it, thank you to the staff who were all brilliant

Mel - Darlington
snow testimonial