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Going Back, Back To Old Skool

Retro Tunes + UV Paint = Good Times

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Retro Full Moon UV Party

Taking you back to when music came on CD's, beats came out of boombox's carried on your shoulder, when music videos were watched on a 4:3 ratio screen and when streaming was never good if you had a very very bad cold. We're going back to RETRO TUNES at this UV party!

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Events starts on 17 November, 2017


See the Ice Arena light up as you and your mates glow in the darkness and skate along to some absolute tunes! Free UV paint handed out on the door, wear white and don’t be afraid to get a little messy!


Whether you go for the full on painted on face mask or a more artistic tribal face paint design the chances are that you are going to get some paint on your clothing so wear something you don’t mind getting a little bit messy in.

UV paint will be available for some basic face paint designs, however if you’re a little more adventurous you can purchase your own and apply your own face paint prior to the event.  Paints purchased off the premises are not permitted in the Ice Arena!

We do not accept responsibility for any damaged ice boots, clothing or personal effects whilst participating in our Full Moon UV Party.  Any boots hired that are returned with UV paint on may incur extra charges.

Use the lockers provided to keep all electrical items safe and dry.



17th November 2017




£10.50 including skate hire

Rhythm is a dancer, it's the soul's companion.

SNAP! - 1992

I've not been since I was a kid, couldn't believe the transformation. Will be back soon!

Steve - Darlington
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